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Welcome to Users Matter! My name is Sandy, and I'm a freelance UX / UI designer based in Worcestershire. I spend a lot of my time working with companies in and around the Birmingham and Coventry areas but I am happy to work remotely as well.

With a diverse background in animation, graphic design and software development I eventually found my calling as a UX / UI designer, and for the last 6 years I have been designing, developing and evaluating interfaces for responsive websites, mobile applications, and desktop software for a variety of industries. What began as a desire to make the world a more captivating place quickly transformed into a quest to deliver magical experiences; balancing looks and functionality harmoniously.

As we conduct more and more of our daily life in the digital world, it has never been more critical to offer users fast, beautiful and friction-less experiences. Now working as a UX / UI designer with my company Users Matter, I get to enjoy collaborating with people who have a genuine passion for their digital products and services. There is honestly, no problem too big, no project too small. Users Matter offer a tailored service to suit the individual needs of your business, so whether you need a single consultation or project taken from discovery through to completion, I will create a bespoke package made for you, so drop the anchor and climb aboard!


User Experience Design

Time here is spent understanding your user and their needs, your product / service and its current offerings if it already exists. The only way to deliver pleasurable experiences is to forge interactions that are both intuitive and easy to use. Empathising with users provides an appreciation for their struggles and pain points so that we can craft an experience that generates positive emotions.

User Interface Design

Time here is spent focussing on what the user sees and interacts with. Using graphical principles to present and organise information in a simple and logical manner, spellbinding interfaces are generated to support, guide and influence the customer as they navigate through your system.

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"Good design, when it's done well, becomes invisible.
It's only when it's done poorly that we notice it."

Jared Spool


These are some of my most recent pieces of work I have completed whilst working either in-house or as a freelance UX / UI designer with Users Matter. Due to Non-disclosure Agreements, I'm not always able to demonstrate everything I've been working on but hopefully, you'll find something worth checking out.



At the start of the project, design research is focussed on learning about the project requirements from stakeholders and learning about the needs and goals of the end users. A series of research is conducted at this stage, including but not limited to; system audits, usability tests, interviews and personas.


After research is conducted the data is analysed in an attempt to uncover patterns and similarities. These highlight core problematic areas of the system and help to define scope in line with the goals of the business.


The design phase is an iterative process and consists of three core components; ideation, creation and testing. Designing in this way allows us to continually assess our concepts until we get it right.


During this phase, we set up and monitor user activity, usage and help desk enquiries in order to measure the success of the project.

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"If you think good design is expensive,
you should look at the cost of bad design"

Dr Ralf Speth



I always make it a rule of thumb to be available during the traditional working hours 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, however, this does not mean I am tied to my desk. One of the many advantages of going it alone is that you aren’t restricted to the number of hours you work when you work or even where you work. This flexibility allows me to be extremely accommodating.

Personal Service

All communication with Users Matter is handled by yours truly. So when you have important enquiries, questions and or uncertainties, rest assured that you won't find yourself explaining it to someone else. Having a close working relationship with you, means I have a much better understanding of your goals, needs and requirements. I may not always be around to take a call or reply to an email immediately but I will always respond within a timely manner.


In this ever-changing world it's no surprise that goals shift, deliverables expand or budgets alter. I’m naturally transparent when it comes to business; communication means everything to me so I will always be open, honest and straight to the point, and all I ask is for the same in return. When we are both upfront about our expectations, everyone wins. So, let’s touch base regularly!