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Disclaimer: Freeman customers have been hidden to uphold the integrity of the companies involved.


Freeman is the world’s largest brand experience company. Amongst the many services they offer their clients is an exhibitor portal. The portal provides the organisers and exhibitors with the means of designing, planning and managing exhibition stands.

How it began?

Freeman required some assistance in understanding why they were receiving high volumes of email and phone enquiries regarding their exhibitor portal. They knew there was a problem with the registration and sign in process but not what it was specifically or how to fix it.

Original process flow


I worked with the digital strategy manager and product administrative team to firstly understand the overall platform and what it provides to its users. Access to Hotjar allowed me to watch the steps the users were taking when registering and signing in. Cross examining this data with the list of customer support enquiries, I was able to identify the commonalities. To get a complete picture I went through the process of setting up several accounts and signing in myself. I generated a process flow to highlight the many steps involved in registering for an exhibitor account, the relationships between the various screens and the communications provided to the user along the way.


  • Inconsistent layout and terminology
  • Branding and communication
  • Errors without explanation
  • Email content

Branding caused the most confusion because users receive a confirmation email from a Freeman domain but do not know who they are. To make matters worse the email doesn’t look legitimate, which leads to it being marked as spam. In turn email providers automatically place all communications from the senders address into the recipients spam folder, which results in them being overlooked; the account is never confirmed so when the user attempts to sign in they are presented with error messages.

Account confirmation email - Before (above) and After (below)

Proposal for changes to the process flow

Process Flow

The process flow was adapted in order to provide two clear paths for the registration and sign in journeys. In an effort to reduce confusion and provide simple concise steps for the exhibitor to follow, adjustments were made to the number of automated emails triggered and their content. Instead of journeys ending abruptly when an issue is encountered, informative feedback is provided and advice is given on where to go and how to proceed.


The Freeman brand presence was increased to provide a relationship between the platform and the exhibition. It had to be implemented in a way that did not overshadow the exhibition branding but was obvious enough for the user to be aware of the association. The header and screen content was adapted to include the Freeman logo and company name.

Quote marks graphic

"Support emails are A LOT lower than
they have been in months so thank you!"

Felicity Collen – Freeman Customer Success Manager

Freeman is the world's largest brand experience company, with over 7000 employees across 90 offices worldwide. They work closely with organisers, venues, suppliers and exhibitors to deliver successful exhibitions and trade shows all around the world. The core services they provide include designing and fabricating show stands for exhibitors, as well as providing digital platforms where organisers and exhibitors can plan their events for maximum results.

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